About Adam Laufer, treehouse builder


Meet Adam Laufer, aerial builder and owner of World Treehouses:

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Adam’s main interest is building good relationships – relationships with the forest, the trees, his family and friends, and the people he works with. He loves welcoming you, as his client, into the generosity and peaceful presence of the trees and forest ecosystems, and building living spaces, play spaces, meditation spaces, bridges, decks and platforms to help you spend time appreciating the profound gifts that our great, leafy friends have to offer.

He has been building — as a green builder, conventional builder, ropes course and zipline builder and treehouse builder — full-time for over 28 years. He loves creative projects that are crafted to meet the needs of human beings and the natural world they love.

Adam lives in a house he built in the trees with his lovely wife of 28 years, Erin.

Adam Laufer, aerial builder treehouses
Adam's reflection as he traverses a body of water.





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