World Treehouses: build a lasting connection with Nature

Our Mission: World Treehouses bring perspective and joy from the heart of our Forests to the communities in which we live.

In our vision, we see our treehouses helping communities work together to build a lasting relationship with Nature. We love building treehouses for individuals and families to play in, meditate in, or live in. In this way, we help both children and adults connect with Nature. Do you want a treehouse for yourself or your family? Tell us about it.

On a larger scale, some of our projects are designed to encourage community involvement and community funding to create treehouses and tree platforms. These aerial projects support people and groups to spend time connecting with the wisdom of Nature. To continue the conversation after the treehouse is built, we partner with programs that support community-building and Forest and Nature awareness. Do you have a treehouse idea that will help your group or community? Tell us about it.

There's a reason why modern humans want treehouses: we crave something that's missing from many of our lives, something the Forest is here to teach us. At World Treehouses, we enjoy building for you and your family, neighbors or other groups. We can help create your treehouse to be a place of safe haven from modern distractions, a beloved spot to enable you to slow down and listen to the voice of Nature with your loved ones, neighbors and community.

Always remember to have fun! As well as slowing down and listening, fun and joy are the other gifts of your treehouse.

NC treehouse builders

Click to meet Adam Laufer, aerial builder and owner of World Treehouses.


Contact World Treehouses

Phone or text is the quickest way to contact our team. 828-575-5337
Emails take a bit longer, but no more than a few days.info@asheville-treehouses.com