How we create your tree house: World Treehouses’ process


World Treehouses: build a lasting connection with Nature 

The World Treehouses staff will walk you through a process for bringing your treehouse dream to fruition. Here's a taste of what it takes to build your treehouse.

Step 1: Tree and Site Assessment

Initial tree climb and assessment by World Treehouses staff

Receive permission from the trees.

Arborist report: confirm that trees are healthy.

Is the location near the property line? Do you need to discuss the new treehouse with your neighbors?

Owner addresses any zoning and permit issues.

Western NC treehouse builder


Step 2: Design Process

Who and what is the tree house being used for?

What needs engineering? Will there be a bridge?

Are we working with an architect or other designer?

Will World Treehouses create a scale model of the tree house?

Is World Treehouses building a foundation for another builder to build on top of, or are we building the entire project?

world treehouses model Asheville


Step 3: Treehouse building begins

Find/acquire beams, brackets, hardware. Will some of these be custom-made?

Build deck foundation.

Acquire windows and doors. Will some of these be reclaimed or custom-made?

Frame the tree house.

Asheville tree house builder



Step 4: Final steps

Exterior sheathing

Dry in the tree house


Electrical (?)

Plumbing (?)


Interior walls and trim

world treehouses asheville treehouse builder tree house interior



You have created a lasting connection with nature with your very own tree house!

It has been created with love and care to be a joy to all who use it for many years to come.

asheville tree house treehouse world treehouses western nc




Want a tree house in the Asheville NC area or beyond? Get in touch.