A treehouse for every need: experience the gifts of the Trees!

Are you longing for something that modern life and all of its technological distractions can’t give you? Even with all of the information offered to us by TV and the internet, many of us feel like there’s something essential missing from our lives. Human beings giving other human beings information (often to sell or convince us) is worth participating in, but there’s a wisdom, perspective and serenity that information overload just doesn’t offer us. Many of us escape to the woods, the lakes or somewhere in Nature to let go of the buzz of distraction and remember who we are again. What if you could create a haven in the trees right where you live? At World Treehouses, we strive to create structures that are woven into the fabric of Mother Nature Herself. We build Asheville treehouses, and treehouses in western NC and beyond. Tell us about your treehouse dream! Which treehouse is for you? Enhance Your Educational Program Do you have a program that connects children or adults to the natural world? Whether it’s a biology class, an outdoor program […]

Why build a treehouse? A treehouse is a structure that holds the magic and beauty of Nature and provides the space for our souls to soak in peace. Being in the trees allows us to connect with the natural world, an experience often missing in our modern lives. A treehouse is a safe-house from the distractions of our busy human activities. View projects About Asheville, NC-based World Treehouses Tell us about your treehouse dreams! I want a treehouse! Enhance Your Educational Program Do you have a program that connects children or adults to the natural world? Whether it’s a biology class, an outdoor program or wilderness experience, or a healing retreat or workshop, adding a treehouse classroom will give your students or participants a lived experience of the Nature they’re there to get to know. Treehouse to Live In Want to live in a treehouse? Many folks are building tiny houses to create a more affordable lifestyle in which they can spend more time doing the things they love. A treehouse is a bit more expensive than some tiny homes, but it […]


Asheville’s World Treehouses’ Brevard Project is Nearly Done!

It feels like we just started this project, and now it’s almost done. We have had a great time building this treehouse for a family in Brevard to enjoy. They put their hearts, souls and backs into the work with us. We love working closely with our clients! Among the many other things we’ve loved about this project is the owners’ decision to use recycled/reused lumber, roofing and windows wherever possible. The treehouse gains so much character from the nicks in the reused siding and the antique look of the reclaimed metal roof. This choice saved the tree-home owners a great deal of money, as well. Click to view this slideshow of our Brevard project: Read more about our Brevard project and view a video here. World Treehouses on Facebook Join our e-list by using the form in this page’s footer. Want to build a treehouse? Contact us at 828-458-7393 or fill out our handy form.  


“Building Bridges” for a Men’s Group: Barnardsville Suspension Bridge

A men’s group in Barnardsville contacted World Treehouses to help them build bridges. Actually, they wanted just one bridge to cross their stream. They had built several previous ones, and they had all washed away in storms over the years. They needed a stable suspension bridge that had staying power. I met with the client, evaluated the site, and recommended that we make a community project out of it! After that, I met with their group and collaborated on the project. We purchased materials, then I rigged the cables for the bridge, sinking one end into a large, stable rock, and the other side into healthy trees — a big maple and a yellow birch. Then, I instructed the Men’s Group in how to proceed with the rest of the bridge construction. This past weekend (July 2016), I went out once again to teach them to make the knots for connecting the lower cables to the hand cables, making the bridge safe for everyone to cross. They did a great job! All they needed was the basics and some encouragement. I […]

“We build treehouses helping to connect people to Nature”: World Treehouses on TV!

World Treehouses owner, Adam Laufer, was featured in a two-minute news segment on Asheville’s local ABC station on Friday, June 17! Photo-journalist Bill Evans did a wonderful job of helping to capture the essence of Adam’s work in the trees. Adam talks about his previous career as a busy yoga instructor in Asheville, and how that work has influenced his desire to connect people with Nature through the trees and forest. Says Adam, “The trees are always growing. If we don’t have a healthy relationship with growth, we’re not reaching for the sunlight anymore. To me, that’s a good thing to reach for: the sunshine in our lives and in our hearts.” And, you get to meet Bella, the canine mascot and sweet spirit supporting our current Brevard, NC treehouse build. She loves to climb up into the trees, too! “Dogs are such wonderful friends. They remind us that just being alive is what we’re grateful for.” View a slideshow of the project featured on TV by clicking the image below: World Treehouses on Facebook Treehabilitation on Facebook Join our e-list […]


World Treehouses Spotlighted on TV in Asheville NC tonight!

World Treehouses owner, Adam Laufer, will be featured on Asheville’s local ABC station around 5:55 Eastern time this evening, in a two-minute spotlight showing off his latest treehouse project that his team is building in Brevard NC. It will hit the station’s website between 7:30 and 8pm. Check it out on TV or on We’re all looking forward to hearing his wise words about how treehouses help people connect with Nature! We’ll post the two-minute video on our website, Facebook and social media very soon. World Treehouses on Facebook Treehabilitation on Facebook Join our e-list by using the form in this page’s footer. Want to build a treehouse? Contact us at 828-458-7393 or fill out our handy form.

Want an Asheville treehouse? Read World Treehouses’ featured article in The Laurel of Asheville!

Asheville company World Treehouses’ owner, Adam Laufer, was just featured in The Laurel of Asheville magazine. Check out the article and fill out our handy form if you want to talk about a western NC or Asheville treehouse! Excerpt: Adam has…begun a solo venture called World Treehouses that combines his many passions. Adam’s reflective experience enjoying great heights inspired him to take the first step in starting a venture that would give others the same opportunity. “I think that’s how treehouses fit into this new trend. We want something other than just shopping or working all the time. We want a place where we can let our imagination run wild for a little bit.” We can certainly use a few ways more ways to coexist peaceably with nature. Adam credits his sustainable building methods to treehouse builder Michael Garnier who has created a building tool called the Original Garnier Limb®, a type of treehouse attachment bolt… “A tree will continue to grow until it dies,” says Adam. “We really need to be that way ourselves. We need to keep growing, otherwise, what are […]


To climb the hugest tree…

Asheville NC treehouse builder Adam Laufer: “This video connects you with an ancient elder tree. This tree was the centerpiece of a great issue of National Geographic that I still have on my shelf from December 2012. The video only takes a second to watch, but touches on some of the thrill and awe that I feel when I’m climbing in the trees to do my work. This tree is too ancient and majestic ever to host a treehouse, but what a life-changing experience it must be to visit, let alone to climb.” World Treehouses on Facebook Treehabilitation on Facebook Join our e-list by using the form in this page’s footer. Want to build a treehouse? Contact me at 828-458-7393 or fill out our handy form.

Why did I name my treehouse business World Treehouses?

I’m the owner of Asheville NC treehouse business World Treehouses. Why did I name my business World Treehouses? I experience trees as living, wise beings that help us in many ways. Not only do they provide shelter, give their bodies for our homes, furniture, and to provide heat and light as the fuel for fire, but they are honored by cultures worldwide as teachers of patience, strength and transformation. The tree has an important place in the cosmologies and creation stories of many original peoples. Worldwide cultures offer age-old stories about a sacred tree, often referred to as the World Tree, but also known by various other names. The Pachamama Alliance has compiled a taste of these stories and others for us to savor: For the Sng’oi people of Malaysia, a person and a tree can belong with each other, and this relationship is maintained for life. Certain trees and certain people belong together. When a person belongs with a tree, they also belong with its offspring: any trees that grow from the seeds of the first tree, no matter how far […]