“Building Bridges” for a Men’s Group: Barnardsville Suspension Bridge

A men’s group in Barnardsville contacted World Treehouses to help them build bridges. Actually, they wanted just one bridge to cross their stream. They had built several previous ones, and they had all washed away in storms over the years. They needed a stable suspension bridge that had staying power. I met with the client, evaluated the site, and recommended that we make a community project out of it!

After that, I met with their group and collaborated on the project. We purchased materials, then I rigged the cables for the bridge, sinking one end into a large, stable rock, and the other side into healthy trees — a big maple and a yellow birch.

Then, I instructed the Men’s Group in how to proceed with the rest of the bridge construction. This past weekend (July 2016), I went out once again to teach them to make the knots for connecting the lower cables to the hand cables, making the bridge safe for everyone to cross. They did a great job! All they needed was the basics and some encouragement.

I love helping clients work, either with me or on their own, on their own projects, as well as just building for them.

Pictured in these photos are two phases of the bridge work, with Men’s Group member Thomas doing a great job completing the rope ties in the second phase.

What a fun project! Do you have a bridge you want to build or want me to build? Contact me to tell me more about it.

adam-laufer-world-treehouses-headshotTalk to the trees,
Adam Laufer




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