asheville tree house underside

Creation of a Tree House Dream in Asheville NC


Our latest Asheville NC tree house is going up quickly! Here are some recent photos of our process. 

World Treehouses' Adam Laufer says, "Each tree house is uniquely different. Our challenge is to be open and listen to our client, the tree, and the surrounding landscape. The tree dictates what we can build in it.

We depend on the health of the tree to support the structure we create, so we are careful to disturb the tree as little as possible.

The trees we're working on for this project (Georgia and Winston) are both white oaks. One (Georgia) is very healthy and strong, and the other (Winston) had a previous wound. So we are only using Winston as a lateral brace to help support the tree house. He gets to be part of the party, but he doesn't have to take the weight!"

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Asheville Treehouse Dreamin'...and Buildin'

asheville tree house
tree house builder Asheville
world treehouses asheville tree house
asheville nc tree house detail
asheville tree house inner detail
asheville tree house inside detail
treehouse builder Asheville
treehouse builder Asheville NC
asheville tree house


World Treehouses' Adam (L) and Michael (R) are the builders of this fine treehouse!

WorldWorld Treehouses: build a lasting connection with Nature Treehouses is an Asheville-based builder of treehouses, tree platforms, rope and suspension bridges, and other tree-centered projects.

Want a tree house in the Asheville NC area or beyond? Get in touch.


8 thoughts on “Creation of a Tree House Dream in Asheville NC

    1. Thanks for checking it out, Mark and Brian! Finish pictures should be up soon. Close-to-finish pictures will be up in the next few days. The round windows and siding make it look like a fairy castle.

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