My team and I can build you a treehouse, platform, bridge or other tree project for living, playing, meditating, community gatherings, connecting with nature, or all of the above. We're located in Asheville, NC but may travel for the right project. Please contact me to connect about treehouses, trees, or forests. I look forward to hearing from you!

About Adam Laufer

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World Treehouses owner, Adam Laufer

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 Why build a treehouse?


A treehouse is a structure that holds the magic and beauty of Nature and provides the space for our souls to soak in peace.

Being in the trees allows us to connect with the natural world, an experience often missing in our modern lives.

A treehouse is a safe-house from the distractions of our busy human activities.





This bridge leads to a magical tree house retreat in downtown Asheville NC.

Check out our downtown treehouse, recently completed in Asheville!


World Treehouses was on the news! Watch this video from Asheville's ABC station to learn what's behind Adam Laufer's love for treehouses and how they connect his clients to Nature:

Our downtown Asheville treehouse "fairy retreat" is complete! View photos...




world treehouses asheville tree house builder process

Tree Talk

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We look forward to serving you!

Adam Laufer and his tree-lovin' team look forward to discussing your treehouse dreams.

Forests are the ultimate communities. They remind us that our well-being is interdependent with other human and non-human beings and our environment. A treehouse can humble our “grandness,” allowing us to slow down and develop good relations with each other and everything around us.


A treehouse provides space for us to unwind, let go and allow our imaginations to play. These beautiful structures give us the opportunity to quiet down enough to hear the voice of the natural world.

Most importantly, forests, trees and treehouses are lots of fun! That's why we love building treehouses (and why you'll love having one).

What we build


Platforms and decks

Climb up to a tree platform to camp, hang out and get away from it all. Or build two and connect them with a graceful bridge.



We can connect you! We build suspension bridges across water, between trees, or between a home and a tree.



Natural, beautiful structures for living, playing, dreaming, meditating, or gathering with friends and family.

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