A treehouse for every need: experience the gifts of the Trees!

Are you longing for something that modern life and all of its technological distractions can’t give you? Even with all of the information offered to us by TV and the internet, many of us feel like there’s something essential missing from our lives. Human beings giving other human beings information (often to sell or convince us) is worth participating in, but there’s a wisdom, perspective and serenity that information overload just doesn’t offer us.Many of us escape to the woods, the lakes or somewhere in Nature to let go of the buzz of distraction and remember who we are again. What if you could create a haven in the trees right where you live? At World Treehouses, we strive to create structures that are woven into the fabric of Mother Nature Herself. We build Asheville treehouses, and treehouses in western NC and beyond. Tell us about your treehouse dream!

Building a Bridge, Building Community

Asheville tree house builder Adam Laufer: “World Treehouses is not building our bridges exactly like this, but we love it when we can bring together two of our favorite things: community…and rope! Experience how this community participates together in making their bridge, and then celebrates it when it’s done! Inspiring.”     Learn more about Asheville-area treehouse builder Adam Laufer and his business, World Treehouses. Use the form in this page’s footer to hop on our mailing list!