A treehouse for every need: experience the gifts of the Trees!


Are you longing for something that modern life and all of its technological distractions can’t give you?

Even with all of the information offered to us by TV and the internet, many of us feel like there’s something essential missing from our lives. Human beings giving other human beings information (often to sell or convince us) is worth participating in, but there’s a wisdom, perspective and serenity that information overload just doesn’t offer us.

Many of us escape to the woods, the lakes or somewhere in Nature to let go of the buzz of distraction and remember who we are again. What if you could create a haven in the trees right where you live?

At World Treehouses, we strive to create structures that are woven into the fabric of Mother Nature Herself.

We build Asheville treehouses, and treehouses in western NC and beyond. Tell us about your treehouse dream!

Which treehouse is for you?


Enhance Your Educational Program

Do you have a program that connects children or adults to the natural world?

Whether it’s a biology class, an outdoor program or wilderness experience, or a healing retreat or workshop, adding a treehouse classroom will give your students or participants a lived experience of the Nature they’re there to get to know.


Treehouse to Live In

Want to live in a treehouse?

Many folks are building tiny houses to create a more affordable lifestyle in which they can spend more time doing the things they love.

A treehouse is a bit more expensive than some tiny homes, but it has many additional benefits.

  • Treehouses can have a very low impact on their environment.

  • Treehouses help their residents listen to the voice of Nature and be in real relationship with the tree or trees that support their home.

  • Treehouses can be built in areas that aren’t ideal for conventional or tiny houses.

Treehouse to Play In

Trees love to be played in!

Remember when you were a kid, and you loved to climb trees? Trees hold us in their big, strong, nurturing branches when we’re lonely, and when we’re ready to have fun, they encourage us to explore.

Whether you’re 9 or 89, a treehouse is a wonderful place to delight in discovery and the endless adventures that living trees can offer!

treehouse meditation

Treehouse for Meditation and Retreat

A treehouse for meditation? Of course!

Build a structure where you and your family can take refuge from the world, center yourselves, listen to the dreams of the tree, and then return to the world refreshed and reinvigorated. You may choose to make a space like this electricity-free. It can double as an extra room for guests to stay.


Treehouse Gathering Spaces

Invite your friends and community!

Do you need a unique, beautiful spot for community gatherings, yoga classes, meditation retreats, or workshops?

A treehouse or covered tree platform is a perfect spot to offer friends, group members and clients an experience in the trees that they’ll remember for a lifetime and want to return to again and again.


2 thoughts on “A treehouse for every need: experience the gifts of the Trees!

  1. I want a treehouse where my grandchildren can play and I can go to be in a quiet place like a bird. Where I can lie on my back and watch the stars as the earth turns and travels through the universe. I finally gave away my telescope because try i could not get high enough to see the stars. A treehouse would be a place where I could sleep and meditate and be one with the birds and maybe see the animals who live around the house.

    1. It sounds like you have a really deep connection with the trees and stars, Judy! We would love to help you with your treehouse dreams, whenever you’re ready.

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