Why build a treehouse?A treehouse is a structure that holds the magic and beauty of Nature and provides the space for our souls to soak in peace.Being in the trees allows us to connect with the natural world, an experience often missing in our modern lives.A treehouse is a safe-house from the distractions of our busy human activities.View projectsAbout Asheville, NC-based World Treehouses


Asheville’s World Treehouses’ Brevard Project is Nearly Done!

It feels like we just started this project, and now it’s almost done. We have had a great time building this treehouse for a family in Brevard to enjoy. They put their hearts, souls and backs into the work with us. We love working closely with our clients! Among the many other things we’ve loved about this project is the owners’ decision to use recycled/reused lumber, roofing and windows wherever possible. The treehouse gains so much character from the nicks in the reused siding and the antique look of the reclaimed metal roof. This choice saved the tree-home owners a great deal of money, as well. Read more about our Brevard project and view a video here. World Treehouses on Facebook Join our e-list by using the form in this page’s footer. Want to build a treehouse? Contact us at 828-458-7393 or fill out our handy form.  

Treehouse site visit - Adam Laufer

“More than a generic treehouse…”

There is more to treehouses than just a house in the branches, says Adam Laufer, owner of World Treehouses in Asheville. More on his take on treehouse building: “The whole reason I’m doing this is because something magical happens in the trees, and I want to bring this to people so they’ll feel that, too. I don’t want to come across as just a contractor. I want to do something more than just build a generic treehouse. I want to provide people with a space where they feel they’re in a special sacred communion with nature. “When I think about space, I focus on how well it works for the need, but also how the space feels and how it has been created to respect and show appreciation for the trees and the forest or land it inhabits. I actually look at a project from the tree’s perspective and needs, as well as from the human client’s perspective and needs. I’m also interested in using the most sustainable and nontoxic products I can, which is part of showing respect for […]