Why build a treehouse?

A treehouse is a structure that holds the magic and beauty of Nature and provides the space for our souls to soak in peace.

Being in the trees allows us to connect with the natural world, an experience often missing in our modern lives.

A treehouse is a safe-house from the distractions of our busy human activities.

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Enhance Your Educational Program

Do you have a program that connects children or adults to the natural world?

Whether it’s a biology class, an outdoor program or wilderness experience, or a healing retreat or workshop, adding a treehouse classroom will give your students or participants a lived experience of the Nature they’re there to get to know.


Treehouse to Live In

Want to live in a treehouse?

Many folks are building tiny houses to create a more affordable lifestyle in which they can spend more time doing the things they love.

A treehouse is a bit more expensive than some tiny homes, but it has many additional benefits.

  • Treehouses can have a very low impact on their environment.

  • Treehouses help their residents listen to the voice of Nature and be in real relationship with the tree or trees that support their home.

  • Treehouses can be built in areas that aren’t ideal for conventional or tiny houses.

Treehouse to Play In

Trees love to be played in!

Remember when you were a kid, and you loved to climb trees? Trees hold us in their big, strong, nurturing branches when we’re lonely, and when we’re ready to have fun, they encourage us to explore.

Whether you’re 9 or 89, a treehouse is a wonderful place to delight in discovery and the endless adventures that living trees can offer!


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