“We build treehouses helping to connect people to Nature”: World Treehouses on TV!

World Treehouses owner, Adam Laufer, was featured in a two-minute news segment on Asheville’s local ABC station on Friday, June 17! Photo-journalist Bill Evans did a wonderful job of helping to capture the essence of Adam’s work in the trees. Adam talks about his previous career as a busy yoga instructor in Asheville, and how that work has influenced his desire to connect people with Nature through the trees and forest. Says Adam, “The trees are always growing. If we don’t have a healthy relationship with growth, we’re not reaching for the sunlight anymore. To me, that’s a good thing to reach for: the sunshine in our lives and in our hearts.” And, you get to meet Bella, the canine mascot and sweet spirit supporting our current Brevard, NC treehouse build. She loves to climb up into the trees, too! “Dogs are such wonderful friends. They remind us that just being alive is what we’re grateful for.” View a slideshow of the project featured on TV by clicking the image below: [crp_portfolio id=1] World Treehouses on Facebook Treehabilitation on Facebook Join […]

Want an Asheville treehouse? Read World Treehouses’ featured article in The Laurel of Asheville!

Asheville company World Treehouses’ owner, Adam Laufer, was just featured in The Laurel of Asheville magazine. Check out the article and fill out our handy form if you want to talk about a western NC or Asheville treehouse! Excerpt: Adam has…begun a solo venture called World Treehouses that combines his many passions. Adam’s reflective experience enjoying great heights inspired him to take the first step in starting a venture that would give others the same opportunity. “I think that’s how treehouses fit into this new trend. We want something other than just shopping or working all the time. We want a place where we can let our imagination run wild for a little bit.” We can certainly use a few ways more ways to coexist peaceably with nature. Adam credits his sustainable building methods to treehouse builder Michael Garnier who has created a building tool called the Original Garnier Limb®, a type of treehouse attachment bolt… “A tree will continue to grow until it dies,” says Adam. “We really need to be that way ourselves. We need to keep growing, otherwise, what are […]


Asheville and WNC treehouse builder begins Brevard treehouse installation

World Treehouses’ Brevard NC project is going up! Here’s a photo from talented World Treehouser Chukk Bruursema. When not helping Adam Laufer install giant beams into willing trees in Asheville and the surrounding area, Chukk is building artistic interiors and imaginative signs for local brewpubs and businesses, making groundbreaking art, playing music and taking photos. See some more of his work at www.ChukkBruursema.com We appreciate your help, Chukk! Always happy to get back in the saddle and do some aerial rigging and construction. Jumped in with my good friend Adam of @worldtreehouses9 This project he designed up is gonna be sweet! #treehousebuilding #garnierlimbs #Zdrag #mechanicaladvantage #pulleys #rigging #fun A photo posted by Chukk Bruursema (@chukkb) on Apr 13, 2016 at 6:20pm PDT