World Treehouses’ owner, Adam Laufer, quoted in The Post and Courier!


World Treehouses' owner, Adam Laufer, was quoted in a Charleston, SC article


For some, building treehouses is a calling that combines carpentry skills with an emphasis on the environment. Adam Laufer, who owns World Treehouses of Asheville, N.C., said he believes modern society can learn a great deal from treehouses and the opportunity they provide to be in the forest.

"It provides a whole new perspective. It's something inspiring,"  he said.

The story of a tree is part of a treehouse, he said, which raises awareness of issues such as timber clear-cutting.

"I'm partly trying to speak for the trees when I'm doing this work," he said.

He is building a 120-square-foot treehouse in downtown Asheville that the owner will use as a writing and meditation studio. A suspension bridge will connect it to the main residence. The project has become a local attraction and "natural speed bump" as people slow to look at it, he said.

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A quote from Adam Laufer was featured in Charleston SC's Post and Courier.

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World Treehouses: build a lasting connection with Nature

World Treehouses is an Asheville-based builder of treehouses, tree platforms, rope and suspension bridges, and other tree-centered projects.

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