A treehouse for every need: experience the gifts of the Trees!

Are you longing for something that modern life and all of its technological distractions can’t give you? Even with all of the information offered to us by TV and the internet, many of us feel like there’s something essential missing from our lives. Human beings giving other human beings information (often to sell or convince us) is worth participating in, but there’s a wisdom, perspective and serenity that information overload just doesn’t offer us.Many of us escape to the woods, the lakes or somewhere in Nature to let go of the buzz of distraction and remember who we are again. What if you could create a haven in the trees right where you live? At World Treehouses, we strive to create structures that are woven into the fabric of Mother Nature Herself. We build Asheville treehouses, and treehouses in western NC and beyond. Tell us about your treehouse dream!

Why build a treehouse?A treehouse is a structure that holds the magic and beauty of Nature and provides the space for our souls to soak in peace.Being in the trees allows us to connect with the natural world, an experience often missing in our modern lives.A treehouse is a safe-house from the distractions of our busy human activities.View projectsAbout Asheville, NC-based World Treehouses

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What is the most effective way to preserve forests? A World Treehouses field trip

On Saturday, World Treehouses staff enjoyed attending a Tree Identification walk led by Luke Cannon of Astounding Earth and sponsored by the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy, a WNC group that preserves forests. The hike took place in Rough Creek Watershed – a wonderful new 870-acre public hiking spot that SAHC has preserved in western North Carolina, about 30 minutes west of Asheville. Not only do we deeply appreciate that SAHC has conserved this gorgeous tract of forestland, but we also felt that we met a kindred spirit in Luke. When he suggested that the most effective way to preserve forests was to help people make relationship with the trees, plants, birds and animals who live there, we said “YES! You’re singing our song.” Learn more about Luke Cannon and Astounding Earth. Learn more about the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy. Learn more about World Treehouses by clicking here, or stay in touch by using the form in this page’s footer to add your name to our mailing list. Are you interested in building relationship with Nature? We are, too! Please Like our new Facebook page that’s all about it: Treehabilitation. […]

Treehabilitation: “See how Nature grows in silence…We need silence to be able to touch souls.”

Asheville, NC treehouse builder Adam Laufer on connecting with trees: Being in the trees allows us to commune with the natural world, an experience often missing in our modern lives. A treehouse is a safe-house from the techno-distractions of our busy human world. Do you have ideas about ways to help humans and human communities connect with and deepen their relationship with Nature? We build treehouses to help families, individuals and groups connect. What do you do? How do you see Nature bringing wisdom to human beings? Let us know by commenting on this post. Stay in the conversation by signing up for our e-newsletter in the footer of this page, or by becoming a fan of our new Treehabilitation Facebook page.

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What is Treehabilitation, anyway?

Treehabilitation = human beings going to the trees and forest for centering, spiritual connection, learning and growing. In this way, we receive healing from the trees and from Nature. At World Treehouses, our goal is for all of our projects to succeed in “treehabilitating” our clients and visitors to our treehouses. We work with this in many ways, but the bottom line is that the relationship between human beings and Nature is the reason we build treehouses, tree platforms, bridges and other projects in the trees. Join us in treehabilitation! Please share your ideas with us using the form below. Or, you can join the conversation on our brand new Treehabilitation Facebook page. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

“We need a new mass movement that bears witness to a right way of living on our finite, life-giving planet.”

I found an interesting article about being in “right relationship” with nature, called Humans & Nature: The Right Relationship. If I were writing this article, I might have said “balanced versus imbalanced relationship” rather than “right versus wrong relationship.” Who are we to know what is “right” in the grand scheme of things? In this long, comprehensive article, the authors take a heady approach to explaining the ins and outs of achieving a shift in our economy to better relationships between humans and nature. They talk about an epiphany that will lead everyone to “commit to individual and collective changes that will lead to right relationship.” But, how do we reach such a state? The authors admit the answer is not easy to find. For me, I take the time each day to connect with others around me, whether they are human people or non-human people like trees, to acknowledge their value and take joy in their existence in any small way I can. That is one of the best ways I can make this change in my own value system. Here are […]